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Drying ovens

Cleaning Baking trays

Pyrox bv designs and realizes low-oxygen cleaning ovens for various industries.
In the paint industry, our ovens are used to remove paint and varnish from hooks, panels, frames and other parts.
Ex. : in powder coating lines, all parts to be painted are suspended. These hooks need to be cleaned regularly, which is also done in our ovens. For example, we have ovens at Robberechts NV in Turnhout and ABL-Technic Uden BV (NL).
Other applications are the thermal cleaning of baking trays, heat exchangers, contaminated silicone parts… where our concept fits within the circular economy. The life of the cleaned products is significantly extended.
Our ovens are also used in the electric motor industry for the thermal decomposition of insulation, lacquers and resins, so that motors can be easily rewinded.

Drying ovens

Pyrolysis ovens must comply with strict environmental guidelines. That is why we provide the ovens with post-burning chambers in which all generated gases are post-burned in order to comply with the applicable guidelines.
Our expertise lies in our personal approach and in perfectly recognizing the needs of our customers. We design and develop furnaces and afterburning chambers tailored to the customer and their applications.

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Longer service life of the cleaned materials 

Optimum results 

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The different oven models are equipped with the latest techniques.

The burners are modularly controlled, making the process more energy-efficient, and the entire pyrolysis process can be monitored remotely via computer or app.
Thermal cleaning is a very efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way to clean and reuse all kinds of metal parts.
Sustainability, an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way of working, is of paramount importance to Pyrox bv. 

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