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Kersten Coating Technology: “Thanks to Pyrox, we are ready for the future!”

Kersten Coating Technology recently invested in a new pyrolysis oven from Pyrox. With this, the company - which specializes in making metal surfaces more sustainable and improving - is taking an important step towards a circular future. With the new oven, old coatings are not only removed from materials in an environmentally friendly way, but these materials can also be easily provided with a new coating. With this, Kersten gives a second life to materials.

Long relationship
Kersten Coating Technology came to Pyrox to purchase a new pyrolysis oven. An old friend, because fifteen years ago the coating specialist also purchased an oven from our range. Kersten Coating Technology discussed the options for a new oven with afterburner and scrubber with Patrick van Noten, manager of Pyrox.

Close contact
An intensive contact developed, during which Patrick regularly visited the Dutch branch of Kersten Coating Technology in Brummen. Together with welding company MDL from Uden and Ravebo (for the installation of the scrubber), an action plan was drawn up for the installation and connection of the new pyrolysis oven. After all, the new addition had to fit exactly into the building.

Afterburner and scrubber
The pyrolysis oven not only has an afterburner to burn hydrocarbons, but also a scrubber to neutralize fluorine, for example. With this, Kersten meets the strictest standards in the field of combustion. The speed of the oven is modular regulated, so that energy is used more efficiently. The process can be followed remotely – via computer or app – which offers a solution if the oven does its job during the night.

The circle is round
The new Pyrox oven has been in Brummen for some time now and is running well. And best of all: all coatings that Kersten applies can also be removed with this oven. Due to the range of very high temperatures (up to 480 degrees Celsius), the broken coating is incinerated. Breaking down is done in an environmentally friendly way and the cleaned material can be reused to cover with a coating. In terms of sustainability, therefore, the circle is complete at Kersten.

Jos Schröder, general manager at Kersten Coating Technology: “Many years of good service and quality that Pyrox offers pays off. The reasons why we went into business with them again for the purchase of a new pyrolysis oven. And because this oven is equipped with the latest technology, we at Kersten coating technology are ready for the future!”

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