Pyrox ovens

The Pyrox low-oxygen cleaning oven

Pyrox bv is a specialist in the cleaning of industrial components. Thanks to year-long experience and knowledge in the field of coating removal and cleaning, Pyrox bv has put together a large assortment of products that can support companies in their production process.

It does not only concern the cleaning of metal types covered with one or more types and layers of varnish, coatings and paint. It goes much further. Pyrox bv also targets companies that are into recycling of materials. An aspect that becomes more and more important in our society.

Thanks to year-long expertise and knowledge, the Pyrox cleaning oven is the finished product of year-long testing and adjustments that have resulted in a unique design, fantastic results and very high quality performance suitable for many different applications.
All Pyrox cleaning ovens have been entirely tested and successfully approved by the Dutch and Belgian inspection authorities with regard to safety, consumption and emission. Because of the computer controlled operation, the ovens can be used for many applications and can be set in accordance to your own requirements. 

Pyrox Cleaning ovens

The Pyrox cleaning oven is unique and different from the standard burn-out ovens. The entire process takes place in an oxygen-free environment. This means that the materials are heated evenly and distortion is excluded. In order to obtain this result, the industrial burners are fitted with a separate air-gas channel. The temperature control is therefore optimal and the materials to be cleaned keep their original specifications.

All Pyrox ovens comply amply with the strict environmental requirements. This is, amongst others, because every Pyrox oven is equipped with an afterburner chamber. This space, heated to at least 850°C, is capable of incinerating the released gases so that harmful emissions don’t occur. Thanks to this technique, the environment remains free of harmful substances.

In order to control this whole process, all pyrolysis ovens are equipped with a very user-friendly control panel. By means of a programme, designed by ourselves, the oven can store all data and convert these into graphics and tables.

Advanced control: A combination of simplicity and high quality performances

Operating a Pyrox Cleaning oven is also unique thanks to the very advanced Jumo control. The large touch screen is easy to use and displays the functions conveniently.
You have a complete overview of the oven at all times.
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