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Pyrox ovens from Kempense manufacture to Poland and Turkey

Pyrox was only founded in November 2012, but can look back on a very successful 2013 and already has a well-filled order book for 2014. The company from Turnhout was founded by Patrick Van Noten. 

"We are a small team but work internationally. Our pyrolysis furnaces are intended for the manufacturing industry and are mainly located abroad, although we also have a lot of customers here. (new reference: Van Loock Motoren in Schoten) We are currently working on an oven for Ukraine and on some ovens for the Turkish and Polish markets. Soon we will go to the Paintexpo in Karlsruhe, an internationally renowned exhibition in the field of industrial coating technology. It takes place every two years and provides very valuable contacts. " 

Patrick Van Noten has more than 22 years of experience in the sector. When the company he worked for years in September 2012 was declared bankrupt, he did not want to lose this knowledge and experience. Van Noten started talking with the then ICAM supplier in the Netherlands and together they decided to set up Pyrox. Another former colleague with more than 25 years of experience came into service.

Pyrox builds pyrolysis furnaces for international markets

Pyrox designs and realizes low-oxygen cleaning ovens for different industries. "Our ovens are used in the electric motor industry to pyrolyze electro-motors. The copper is recuperated and the stators / rotors rewound, so that the electro-motors can be reused. In addition to the production of ovens, we also supply special equipment such as wrapping machines, test devices and insulation tiles. In the paint industry, our ovens are used to paint varnished parts or to remove old paint. All paintable parts are hung in powder coating lines. These hooks must be cleaned regularly, and that also happens in our ovens. For example, we have ovens at Robberechts in Turnhout and at Soudal ovens, but also in the car industry in Poland. For example, in the plastics industry, Hyplast in Hoogstraten works with our ovens. In the bakery industry, old teflon coatings are removed from baking trays in our ovens. "

Pyrolysis ovens must comply with many guidelines. "Our furnaces are equipped, among other things, with afterburning chambers in which all generated gases are again burned and then only be diverted to the chimney. Our expertise lies mainly in our personal approach and in perfectly recognizing the needs of our customers. We design and develop customized ovens and afterburner rooms. For this we have all the expertise in house. For the production of the ovens we work together with steel companies and insulation companies from the neighborhood. ICAM is responsible for the installation of the burners and control systems and for 24/24 7/7 maintenance. "

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